a patio french door swings open to a beautiful garden after patio door installationMaster Seal can help you transform your patio space into the flexible space you enjoy in Maryland and surrounding locations. Patio doors are unique because they become a focal point in the room. We have options that help you to make the most out of the focal point. Call 855.608.1580 to speak with someone from our team of experts about the benefits of patio door installation and other options that can elevate your outdoor space.

Options for Patio Door Installation in Your Home

With Master Seal, you can choose from several door options:

  • Center-hinged patio doors
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Steel patio doors
  • Swinging patio doors
  • Vinyl patio doors

Each style comes with features that you can choose to make your doors more functional and enhance your space. We don’t want our doors just to be an entryway to your home. They should be something that adds value and beautifies your home as well. They should match the style you’re going for in your home and pull the room they’re in together, in addition to being an important functional addition. With multiple finishes and colors for you to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a door you’ll absolutely love.

Privacy and Protection Concerns

Privacy and protection may be concerning depending on which room your patio doors are located in. We have solutions for privacy and protection issues that will improve the comfort level of your space. In addition, our wide range of door solutions will make your doors more functional and enhance the use of space.

You should be able to have beautiful patio doors that add aesthetic value to your home and your outdoor space. But, they shouldn’t let people know what’s happening in your house—or allow intruders in, either. We offer solutions to get natural light throughout your home without sacrificing privacy and security.

Choose from Screens, Blinds, and More

While curtains are always an option, they can get cumbersome and in the way. Built-in options can be mechanically operated with the touch of a button. They also won’t get in the way of your daily routine. Master Seal offers choices that make sense and can allow you to bring the outdoors inside comfortably, like:

  • Sliding screens
  • Built-in controllable mini blinds
  • Insulated patio doors

We can provide you with the perfect door for your space. Our sliding screen doors allow you to open your patio doors and let the fresh air in. Managing the light and keeping your area private is easy with easy-to-control mini blinds built into the doors. Insulated patio doors will provide you with the energy efficiency for your home that you’re looking for.

Upgrade Locks on Patio Doors

Security doors are standard in every home if you live in a heavily populated area like downtown Baltimore. Investing in high-quality residential or commercial steel entry doors will protect your home from outside invasion and prevent burglars from breaking into your home.

When it comes to security, it’s best to have more than you think you need. Here at Master Seal, we recommend upgrading the locks on patio doors when you first have them installed, but you can just as easily upgrade the locks of entries that have been in use for some time. The first thing you want to do is upgrade the standard lock on the door. You can buy improved latch locks for sliding glass doors and improved deadbolt locks for french doors.

Find Patio Door Installation Services in Maryland at Master Seal

Contact Master Seal today at 855.608.1580 for a free estimate and to discuss which doors will transform your space and make your patio more usable. Let our team of experts help you improve your home’s privacy and security.