interior example of our garden windows in baltimore md

Garden windows are windows with space or a platform that can be used for plants needing better sunlight or sun exposure. The feature can further be added to by using shelves to create an inside garden effect within the window area. Garden windows are commonly used in bathrooms or kitchen areas by the sink. They are available in different styles and sizes, helping to create a unique area in any room they are placed in.

Our garden windows are constructed of fusion-welded vinyl frames and sashes and feature screened casement window vents that allow an abundance of light to shine through and nourish plants and flowers. The garden window’s standard birch veneer surround can be sealed, stained or painted to match your interior décor. An optional oak veneer surround is also available for our 300 Series Garden Window.

Our garden windows come in vinyl, like our vinyl replacement windows. Vinyl is recommended because of its superior thermal performance. Most plants will be able to grow in these conditions but these windows are better suited to small plants.


One of the nicest features of garden windows is that they let in a lot of light as they protrude outwards. That will be great for your plants but also make your room look bigger.

The natural light that is let in is more comfortable to see by and is better for people than using artificial light. You will get a better view of your garden too. They can give you the chance to grow plants even if your garden is really too small for that, and garden windows allow you to create an eye-catching display which will be quite a talking point.

You can grow herbs for cooking and salad plants in your garden window and have them easily in hand in your kitchen when you want to cook with them.

So, garden windows offer many cosmetic benefits for you and your house. They let the outside in and allow you to get the health benefits of extra light, and maybe even benefit from growing healthy herbs and plants in the window!

Standard Features and Available Options:

  • Fully-Welded Frame & Sashes – Provide added strength and enhanced thermal performance.
  • Dual-Pane 13/16″ insulating Glass with Warm-Edge Technology – For enhanced thermal performance; reduces condensation and seal failures.
  • Colonial Pine Casing – Enriches the warmth of your home’s interior ambiance.
  • Multi-Point Locking System – Security and peace of mind translate into safe home improvement.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Hardware – Protects exterior garden window parts from the corroding effects of weather and UV light.
  • Trapezoid-Shaped Casement Window Vents
  • Nested Folding Handle
  • Safety Laminated Glass Garden Window Roof
  • Custom-Made Wall Thicknesses