Aluminum storm door construction is as crucial to you as it is to us here at Master Seal. The construction of your aluminum storm door is what will help you keep out insects, add a layer of security, and more. Our high-quality aluminum storm doors come in many styles, with hardware options that fit your personality. They are quick and easy to install and will have your loved ones and business protected for a great price.

picture showing aluminum storm door construction on a yellow houseOur aluminum storm door specialists can help you to fully understand all of the benefits of owning a Master Seal aluminum storm door. Our doors come in a variety of colors and designs while the aluminum storm door construction in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, MD, are top of the line and will help you make you feel safe and secure at the right price. We offer door installation services as well as repair services should the unexpected happen.

The aluminum storm doors at Master Seal are decorative while offering high-quality features that are industry leaders in strength and durability. Your new aluminum storm door will add curb appeal while protecting your family or business. Here are some highlights of our aluminum storm doors:

  • Protect your entry door from being weathered
  • Increase energy efficiency and allow you to ventilate the home efficiently
  • An additional layer of security, all of our doors have locking mechanisms, see the aluminum storm door hardware section for more details
  • Allow you to let more light in on warm sunny days, by leaving the front door open
  • Keep out insects
  • Prevent pets from getting out when opening the front or back door. We can install pet doors on most designs as well.

What to Consider

Here are some points that should be taken into consideration when you are comparing Master Seal aluminum storm doors to doors from other manufacturers:

  • Durable, oven-baked polyester finishes – A lifetime warranty backs these, they will have deficient maintenance, and they will not chip or crack.
  • Extruded aluminum frame – This frame adds beauty to your door. The extrusion process allows for the cove molding along the glass edge of the panel.
  • Tempered safety glass – Master Seal only uses the best products for your home and business. This glass will not shatter if it is broken in a storm or by some other means.
  • Color-matched aluminum installation screw covers – Your aluminum storm door will look flawless when guests can not see the screw covers
  • Color-matched polycarbonate clips or internal sash lock system – These sash securing mechanisms vary by door design, but they will help to keep you home safe and secure.

In addition to:

  • Door closer – Every aluminum storm door package includes a high-quality door closer for smooth closing function.
  • Color-matched bottom expanders – Expanders are great when the opening that you have is a bit too tall for the door itself. Color-matched expanders make it look like you had your aluminum storm door custom-made to fit.
  • Bottom expander with sweep – The sweeping action ensures a snug fit and that no insects are going to make it into your home by way of the front door.
  • Corrosion-proof corner gussets – This helps to improve the structural integrity of your aluminum storm door.

Master Seal Aluminum Storm Door Installation

When you come to Master Seal and pick out your aluminum storm door construction in Baltimore, MD and hardware options in the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, MD, areas, we will schedule you an appointment to have the door installed. You can count on our expert installation team to have your door in place quickly and without a huge mess. You are guaranteed to love your new storm door.

Contacting Master Seal

Contact us today. We can show you all of the aluminum storm door construction and hardware options that we have. Your new door and hardware will add the perfect touches to your home and provide you with the safety that you have been seeking. Give us a call today at 855.608.1580 for more information today!