All 20 gauge Master Seal entry doors are galvanized to A40 and chem treated to prevent rusting, Master Seal steel and fiberglass doors are first primed with a durable undercoat that is oven-cured for lasting resiliency.

Paint – A final finish is a applied to the doors and oven-cured a secon time forming an enduring lustrous look.

Paint Finishes

Almond P

Ash Gray


Boysenberry P

Bronze* P

Brownstone P

Caribbean Blue P


Colonial Blue P

Coral P

Crimson P

Dark Mahogany Paint P

Festive Red P

Forrest Green* P

Fruitwood Paint P

Golden Tan

Haddonfield Red


Honey Mustard P

Ivy Green P


Mellow Cream

Midnight Blue* P

Misty Pine

Mocha P

Vanilla Cream P

White P

Yellow P

Coffee*/Chocolate Brown P

Black* P (For textured steel doors and fiberglass only.)

*Due to possible heat buildup, the warranty does not apply to doors or raised plastic in these colors when installed behind storm doors.

P – Matching powder coat finish for aluminum and security storm doors.

Note: These sample colors do not accurately reflect actual painted/stained or powdercoated surface colors due to limitations in the printing process. Please see your sales representative for HMI color chips.


Stain – Hand applied to give a wood grain appearance, it is then top coated with a 2-part urethane protective coat with a UV inhibitor. It is then oven-cured a second time forming an enduring lustrous look.

Stain Finishes


Light Oak Stain


Cherry Stain


Traditional Walnut* Stain


Dark Mahogany Stain


Fruitwood Stain


Rosewood Stain


Driftwood Stain


Pacific Blue Stain


Evergreen Stain


Charcoal Grey Stain

Entry Door Appearance

wood door in stone house shows off our entry door colors and entry door stainsWhether you are working on a new home entry door installation or are working on a remodeling project, your front door makes a first impression that can last. Choosing the right entry door colors and entry door stains to match the unique look of your home is essential, and our wide selection is sure to have exactly the one you are looking for. The crew here at Master Seal wants to spread the word about how you don’t need to swap safety and security for a beautiful looking entry door for your home.

Entry Door Colors and Stains

Your entry door needs to do much more than just look great, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less than what you want when determining the color palette or design aesthetic of your home. Our doors are colored or stained during the manufacturing process and are ready-made for immediate installation. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they offer your home a variety of benefits, including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Personal security
  • Long-term durability

We provide your home with a safe and secure front entrance that can lower your monthly energy bill even as it puts a dazzling face on the first part of your home seen by your guests, friends, and family.

A Wide Variety To Choose From

We know how much hard work you put into planning your home project, and how you want the end result to match the picture you had in mind when imagining the home of your dreams. When you are choosing entry door stains in Baltimore, MD or entry door stains in Washington, DC, you shouldn’t need to settle for just close enough. Our selection includes some of the most popular models but also less frequently installed designs that will fit the unique appearance of your home.

The Last Stain You Will Ever Need

Many models of entry doors require you to paint or redo the stain every few years as they easily get weathered from exposure to the elements. When you chose from our selection of entry door colors in Baltimore, MD, the weather won’t stand a chance. The quality of its multi-layered application under carefully-controlled environmental conditions ensures that it will be free from blisters, chips, and peeling for years to come.

Expert Installation For An Instant Upgrade

Have you just finished repainting your home and realize that your front door just doesn’t look right anymore? Replacing or swapping out your entry door colors in Washington, DC area doesn’t have to put more sweat on your brow. Our Master Seal Doors come complete with a door installation assistance package that can see you opening a brand new front door to your home in a matter of hours. No struggling with lifting or shifting as you try to put a new door on the hinges. Let our team take care of everything for you.

Do You Want To Know More?

You know your home, and you know your budget, so let us take care of the supply side and take tough installation tasks off your hands for a price you can afford. Your home will look better than ever with Master Seal entry door colors in Washington, DC. Browse our selection here on the website and give us a call if you have any questions about product availability. A safer and more secure entry door can still make you the envy of the neighborhood, and our installation team is standing by. Give us a call today at 855.608.1580 for more information on our line of entry door stains or to get a free price estimate of our services.