One of the most important investments you can make for your house is your front door. It is the very first thing your visitors see and gives a strong first impression of your home. The right front door can provide beautification for your home and security for your family. Whether you are in the middle of a remodel or badly need to replace a damaged door, we want your business. However, we understand that before you think about replacing your door, you want to know how much it could potentially cost you. Let’s take a look at the average front door installation cost.

Cost of Expert Entry Door Installation Washington DC

When putting together a budget, the most significant expense will be the purchase of the door itself. The retail price will vary widely based on the model selected and the material it is constructed from, but there are some averages that we can look at to see what ballpark you will be in when making your budget. Whether your installation will fall on the low end or the high end depends upon the material that you prefer.

Wooden Entry Doors Pricing

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While wooden doors are a popular choice among homeowners, they may not be the best selection for an exterior door. As an interior door, there are many inexpensive options available. The price may depend on whether you opt for a hollow or solid door. Exterior solid doors can be prohibitively expensive in relation to the benefit they deliver. Their price is not offset by the potential energy efficiency that is provided by the doors constructed of other materials.

Steel Doors Value

Many homeowners swear by steel entry doors in the Baltimore, MD area because they will not need to be replaced again for a very long time. Economy models of no-frills steel doors can be found for lower prices, but additions such as custom trim or glass can push the price higher. Steel doors are a good investment, even at a higher price because they require very little maintenance and are incredibly durable even under the worst conditions.

Fiberglass Doors Cost

Fiberglass doors may have the wildest swing in average costs, with the average bouncing between quite reasonable to more higher-end. This is because fiberglass doors are more versatile than steel doors and come in a wider variety of styles, colors, and finishes. It is very easy to find quality fiberglass doors under a certain price point, however, and good deals exist. Fiberglass may be a great option for you because they have a tendency to pay for themselves in the long term. They tend to provide lower energy bills over a long period of time.

More Than Just Expert Entry Door Installation in Baltimore MD

Remember to budget for delivery and installation costs when it comes time to replace your front door. The crew at Master Seal is dedicated to providing you with quality expert entry door installation in Baltimore, MD. We also provide the following services:

  • Steel doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Window security bars
  • Window installation
  • Steel entry construction

When Is it Time to Replace Your Baltimore Patio Doors?

Knowing what to look for on your patio doors is the first step in deciding if it’s time for a replacement or not. Some signs are obvious, while others can easily go unnoticed for years. Before going over the signs, an important note is that they don’t always necessitate a replacement patio door and sometimes can be repaired with less invasive and more affordable methods. Let us help you with your budget by providing a free estimate for door installation in Baltimore. Give us a call at 855.608.1580, or contact us online and schedule a consultation today for front door installation costs!