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window security bars on a brick houseYour home is your most important investment, and the safety of your property and loved ones is of the highest importance. One sure method you can use to make your home safer is the installation of window security bars and barriers. Window security bars can secure your home from unwanted entry as well. They also offer a visual deterrent for those who would wish to prowl your residence. The bars can combine with existing security systems. They may provide maximum protection for a relatively low cost compared to other security measures.

The Benefits of Window Security Bars

Safety is just the immediate effect of having bars installed on your windows. There may be some other benefits that will find down the road. The popularity of window security bars in Baltimore, MD neighborhoods is often not actually motivated not by property crime statistics. Instead, it’s for the significant discount that you can qualify for when the home insurance comes due. Insurance premiums have been skyrocketing for years. This monthly discount can really add up over the life of a policy. It can also provide you with peace of mind that can allow you to sleep more soundly in a home that you know is safe.

Who Should Get You Them?

While many people get security bars on their windows just as a precaution, some people will need them more than others. If you have a high rate of property crime in your area, it may behoove you to take steps before your home experiences a burglary. However, this is not the only reason to install windows bars. Basement windows and ground floor windows may be prone to break by virtue of their location and may need additional protection from hazards such as sports accidents or vandalism.

People who receive threats, stalked, or are just affluent targets of opportunity may feel more at ease when these barriers are in place. They are also useful in remote homes where there are no neighbors to observe what is happening at the residence, and police response time may be significantly longer.

Types of Window Security Bars

Typical window security bars in Washington, D.C. come in the form of a metal grid that secures directly into the framing of your home with screws or bolts. Some can be installed by the homeowner while others may need an installation professional with a specialized toolset. These types of bars include both permanent security bars and removable/movable barriers such as you may have seen at storefronts.

One of the most popular types for residences is the swing-away bars that have hinges that allow for easy window cleaning and escape in case of an emergency. The law may require these in some cities as building fire codes often require that the residents have the ability to quickly egress from every room in the house in case of fire or emergency.

The Effectiveness of Window Security Bars

Barred windows can be very effective not only in preventing physical entry but also ensure privacy. The majority of burglaries are against soft targets where the burglar can get in and out swiftly. Window bars are like an advertisement that the residence it more trouble than it is worth.

They may also discourage others from trespassing on the property or engaging in unwanted observation. While they work best when combined with other security systems and reinforced doors, they may be one of the most important components of your home security plan.

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