Nothing is more important than your family’s security, and steel security storm doors can help keep your family and your home safe from those who want to break in and do you harm.
Master Seal provides and installs steel security storm doors. We serve the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan area.

There’s no need to sacrifice beauty for your home security when you can choose from many of our decorative security door styles. Every door comes standard with durable, high-quality features that are industry leaders in strength and durability. Master Seal offers the best quality and precise door installations.

We Have Your Security at Heartman installs a security door

If you have yet to realize the benefits of security doors, talk to our specialists. We provide custom door installations in Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C., as well as the Prince George’s County area. It’s our priority to make sure you feel safe and secure at alI times.

The Benefits of Security Doors

It’s a good idea to get high-security doors for your home. They are a Iasting investment that protects you and your family. Whether you choose to buy a steel security door for your home
or business, it’s a personal decision. Today, break-ins and burglaries are becoming more prevalent, which is why it’s so important to take the right steps to protect yourself and your investments. When you purchase a security door from us, you can be sure your home or business is as safe as possible without breaking your budget.

Protect Your Baltimore Home With Security Doors

If you live in a heavily populated area like downtown Baltimore, security doors are standard on every home. Investing in high-quality residential or commercial steel entry doors will protect your home from outside invasion and prevent burglars from breaking into your home.

The door is a necessary element of any house, but it can also be a home’s greatest vulnerability. Unless you have mastered the art of teleportation or have the ability to go through solid matter, chances are your home has a secure door on it. Doors and windows are the two most common ways through which burglars gain access to your private space, property, and family. Securing windows is fairly easy: just use grates, shatter-resistant glass, or install burglar bars. Doors are a bigger risk because they are easier to get through and harder to protect. If an intruder can get through the door rather than going through a window, they will use the door.

Standard Features

Every Master Seal security storm door comes standard with high-quality features ranked among the industry’s best in durability, operation, and strength.

ornate black security door over white entry door

Heavy-Duty 2″ Frame

There’s a lifetime warranty on this heavy-gauge, fully-welded steel door frame.

Heavy Gauge Z-Bar

Plush pile weather-stripping on the Z-Bar keeps drafts, noise, and dirt outside.

Welded Hinges

Master Seal exclusive welded steel hinges are unparalleled in strength and durability. There are no hinge mounting screws, which can be pried out by force.

Powder-Coat Polyester Finish

Far more durable than standard liquid paint in weather and corrosion resistance. Choose from ten elegant colors!

Pneumatic Heavy-Duty Closer

Adjustable door closing speed. A chain with built-in shock absorption prevents wind damage.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is solid brass, with an integrated steel dust box. Mounted at the factory for even more strength and security.

Heavy Duty Mortise Lock

This optional deadbolt has a full 1″ throw that meets the door frame with a protective steel guard. Available in three finishes.

Dual Weather-Stripping

A dual-fin sweep on the adjustable bottom expander keeps drafts and dirt outside.

Safety Glass

Weather-stripped, tempered safety glass panels can be easily replaced with the standard top screen and the optional bottom screen for better ventilation in nice weather.

Zinc Primer Undercoat

Enhanced corrosion protection.