interior view of a newly installed bow window

Bow windows in Baltimore, MD, are a beautiful addition to any home, but their aesthetic value isn’t the only reason to consider adding them during a remodel. As a provider of bow windows in Baltimore, MD, Master Seal is an advocate of this beautiful and functional window fixture and its benefits. Call us today at 855.608.1580 for more information about bow windows, including estimates and window installation.

What Is a Bow Window?

A bow window is a type of bay window that provides a curved outward projection from the exterior wall of a building. It’s typically comprised of four or more windows set into an arch or curve, creating an elegant and eye-catching feature for many homes. Bow windows offer expansive outdoor views, provide good lighting, and can make rooms appear larger than they actually are. They also provide additional ventilation and can be used to create interesting seating areas in living rooms or bedrooms. For these reasons, bow windows are often sought after by homeowners looking to add style and value to their homes.

Features and Benefits of Bow Window Installation

Like its cousin, the bay window, bow windows create a dramatic new look and a unique style to rooms that previously had traditional squared-off windowpanes. They have a profound effect on both the interior and exterior of the home. The windows create additional space inside and enhance the field of view while also letting in more natural light.

Additionally, their construction and insulation also have the additional effect of making your home more energy-efficient in both the winter months and the upcoming summer months. They do this by shortening the amount of time you need to use electric lighting. In addition, they’re making heating and cooling more efficient. When taking all these factors into effect, bow windows can have a positive effect on the resale value of your home.

Let More Outdoor Beauty Inside

When most people think of bow windows, they think of the almost panoramic views that bring the beauty of the outdoors into the home. The curvature of the windows also provides an entirely different profile of natural light. It’s more in keeping with what you would experience outdoors than what you may experience from traditional window fixtures.

Composed of three to six even sections of windowpanes, these windows need to be custom fabricated to meet the dimensions of the window you have in mind. From the outside, they present a graceful appearance, and from the inside, they can improve any view of the outdoors.

Remodeling With Bow Windows

The bow windows installation has significant upsides to match the challenges that you will experience. While standard windowpanes are easy to measure and fit into a defined area, bow windows need to consider the curvature when sizing. They may not fit well into the space that a traditional windowpane is vacating. Custom fabrication makes this transition much easier as it can take the dimensions into consideration before creating the window sections.

Even though this portion of a remodel can seem like more complicated work than just getting a new windowpane, when it is done, it has the potential to transform the ambiance of the room completely. With a more open view and enhanced natural light, any room in the home can be brightened up by a bow window installation.

Options for Bow Windows

Master Seal windows come with some great optional features, and our bow windows are no exception. New installations of Master Seal bow windows come with a variety of optional features. These may be desirable based on where you are placing them in the home. Some of the most popular optional features include:

  • Low emissivity (low-E) Gas
  • Argon
  • Obscured privacy glass
  • Double-hung or casement
  • Colors: white, brown, almond, or cream white
  • Diamond or colonial Grids
  • Dual-strength glass panes
  • Laminated or tempered glass panes
  • Foam-filled insulation extrusions

No matter which option you choose, a bow window can really open up your space and brighten your home.

Call Master Seal for Your Bow Window Needs in Maryland

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