security doors bethesdaSecurity doors in Bethesda is a worthy investment for every home. Due to a rise in the cases of burglary, they offer extra security. Modern security door designs are also more elegant; thus, they improve the appearance of a home. A beautiful but sturdy security door increases the value of your home, should you need to sell. Contact Master Seal by calling 855.608.1580 to get a security door estimate for your Bethesda home.

Secure Your Home Against Intruders

When choosing a security door, you should buy from a reliable company. You should also consider an affordable design that best suits your home. Investing in quality security doors ensures that you go about your business worry-free. This is because they guarantee the security of your home.

Should You Go for Steel or Wooden Security Doors?

Whichever the material, security doors should be strong and durable. If wooden doors are pressure treated, they can be an effective crime deterrent. They will need to withstand weather conditions such as rain, wind, and sunlight. Moreover, they should offer enough protection from intruders. Security doors also need to be energy efficient. Most homeowners prefer a door that complements their home’s exterior. Both steel and wooden doors are strong and durable and make excellent security doors in Bethesda. Some of the factors that set them apart include:

Cost and Efficiency

Depending on the type of wood, wooden doors are relatively expensive. But, steel doors offer more energy efficiency due to their superior insulating capabilities. Whichever your choice, you should ensure that the door frame fits with precision to increase energy efficiency.

Care and Maintenance

Steel security doors have a vinyl or polyester finish. Thus, they do not need further finishing, unlike wooden doors, which require frequent refinishing. Nonetheless, wooden doors are easier to repair than steel doors. Failure to repair steel security doors may result in rusting.

Style and Appearance

Some consider wooden security doors to be more aesthetically pleasing than steel doors. They are versatile and tend to be more customizable than steel doors. Some Maryland homeowners see wooden doors as more welcoming than steel doors. Steel doors, in contrast, are fire resistant and tend to last longer.

Durability and Security

Steel doors are more durable and secure than wooden ones. Excessive force may cause wood to crack. Yet, the most sought-after features of any security door are strength and resistance. To increase door security, you should install a solid strike plate whose mounting screws go into the framing beyond the jamb.

Security Doors For Your Bethesda Home

Master Seal boasts a varied collection of security doors in Bethesda with classy designs. They offer the best security door services as their skilled specialists are always on hand to help. Master Seal security doors have a fully welded, heavy-duty, 2-inch steel frame with a lifetime warranty. For extra security, these doors come with welded steel hinges. They have no hinge-mounting screws, which are easily removable. The strike plate is solid brass, with an integrated steel dust box. 

Many of our doors have an adjustable bottom expander with a dual-fin sweep to help keep dirt from creeping into your home. They have a powder-coat polyester finish with a zinc primer undercoat for added style and protection. This is to provide added protection from corrosion. They also have a pneumatic closer that prevents damage to the door by the wind. Besides security door services, Master Seal also offers other services, including:

Choose the Best Bethesda Security Doors at Master Seal

Do not hire mediocre security door services. At Master Seal, we offer strong and long-lasting security doors. Our experienced team is always ready to assist you in picking the right door for your home. Contact Master Seal today at 855.608.1580 for the best security doors in Bethesda.