For ultimate home security, investing in quality security doors in Upper Marlboro is paramount. Modern security doorsecurity doors upper malboro designs have a touch of elegance. Thus, you no longer have to worry about losing the beauty of your home as they enhance their appearance. As a result, they increase the value of a home. Contact Master Seal by calling 855.608.1580 for more information. Security doors are a functional addition to your home due to increased energy efficiency. This investment allows you to cut down on heating and cooling expenses and protect your home. Security doors are now more secure than ever due to integration with improved security features. They help to keep your premises safe from burglars.

Maintaining Security Doors 

After hiring security door services, it is upon you to ensure the durability of your security door. Regular maintenance determines how long the door will serve you. This is because of their exposure to environmental factors such as heat and cold. A well-maintained security door boosts the aesthetic of your home and raises its market value. Some of the maintenance practices that your family might consider adopting include the following:

Check the Door Hardware Regularly

Remember to check the doorknob, hinges, and lock every few weeks. You should check if they are loose or faulty, and if they are, repair or replacement should follow. If your lock is sticking, you should lubricate it to prevent complete damage.

Test the Weather-stripping

Stripping facilitates ventilation in your home. Faulty weather-stripping often results in increased heating and HVAC costs. To check if your stripping is faulty, close the door and place your hand at the door’s bottom and sides. The presence of a draft implies faulty weather-stripping.

Remove Chipped Paint and Scuffs

A stiff brush removes any loose paint chips. By contrast, medium-grit sandpaper tackles the scuffs and scratches. To clean off excess dirt, you should use a soft cloth and soapy water. After that, you should dry your door with a dry cloth.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

You should do this on an annual basis. You may hire security door services or do it yourself, depending on your preference. A new coat of paint improves the appearance of security doors in Upper Marlboro. It also ensures their durability.

Security Door Services at Master Seal

Master Seal offers plush security doors in Upper Marlboro at affordable prices. They give a lifetime warranty on the 2-inch heavy-duty fully welded frame. The weather-stripping on the heavy gauge Z-bar keeps drafts and dirt outside for great efficiency. Their security doors in Upper Marlboro have fully welded hinges to offer unrivaled strength and durability.  

To prevent corrosion, they have a polyester coat finish with a zinc primer undercoat for enhanced protection. The brass strike plate has a steel dust box mounted during manufacturing for added strength. Security doors in Upper Marlboro also have a heavy-duty closer with built-in shock absorption. Their pneumatic nature prevents wind damage and offers a more regulated door closing speed. Their tempered safety glass panels are easily replaceable to improve ventilation in warm weather.

Master Seal also offers more services such as:

Reaching out to Master Seal for Upper Marlboro Security Doors

Do not settle for average security door services. Our security doors in Upper Marlboro come in unique and lush designs depending on your preference. We also provide tips on how to take care of your security doors to enhance durability. Do not hesitate to call Master Seal today at 855.608.1580 to make inquiries or to place your order.