view of the locks and benefits of a security door

Benefits of a Security Door

We all work hard each day to pay our utilities, mortgages, food for the family, and maybe some savings for a holiday. We live our lives so fast with little time to relax. For many of us, our home is our retreat, where we can put our feet up after work. However, how do we…

how much do new windows cost with a hand opening window

How Much Do New Windows Cost?

Many people come in and ask how much do new windows cost? It all depends on the type of window, the size, what embellishments you choose to have on them. Most people are not going to go out and buy windows with diamonds embedded in them, but decorative things like stained glass can be popular…

steel vs fiberglass doors, door handle close up

Steel vs Fiberglass Doors

You have quite a few options when it comes to what kind of door to buy for your front entrance. Owners of both commercial and residential properties swear by two of the most popular materials on the market: steel and fiberglass. Both have a great deal to recommend. But let’s take a closer look at…