a beautiful living room after installing bay window

5 Benefits of Installing a Bay Window in Your Living Room

The choice to make a significant change to your home is important. A well-chosen addition or renovation can drastically increase your retail value, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. One such impactful change to consider is installing bay windows. For information and a price quote on this type of installation in the Baltimore, MD, area, contact Master…

a big set of windows overlooking a beautiful bay to demonstrate garden window vs bay window

Pros and Cons of Garden Window vs. Bay Window

Whether you’re hoping to renovate your windows to increase natural light, lower your heating bill, add beauty to your home, or all of the above, Master Seal is an excellent choice for homeowners in the Baltimore, MD, area. Our Rosewood, MD facility services Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and the surrounding communities. We’re excited to talk you…